AURORA: Another new Wirelock Spiral Notebooks Line by #Logigraf !

MUSIC: New Wirelock Spiral Notebooks Line by #Logigraf !
*New* #Logigraf Agendas 2022!

AURORA: Another new Wirelock Spiral Notebooks Line by #Logigraf !

Another series of impressive, quality & easy-to-use spiral notebooks, designed and produced entirely by Logigraf, has arrived and is available!

Four beautiful designs with photos of Auroras, this amazing and unique natural phenomenon that is observed high in the atmosphere, at the poles of the Earth.

Their main features are:

  • covers in 4 vivid colors with details in spot UV treatment
  • covers with Soft touch lamination, scratch-resistant and fingerprint-free
  • in 2 sizes: A4 / 21X29 and B5 / 17X25
  • quality 70 gram paper with lines every 8mm in offset printing
  • pages with rounded corners
  • 1 mm hard cardboard back cover, which always keeps the notebook level without letting it bend
  • binding with thick gold spiral 1.20 mm with Wirelock finish, which offers:
    • greater durability: the spiral does not open in the slightest
    • greater safety: the notebooks do not get tangled in the bag nor do they injure the hands or damage the clothes, as there are no open edges
    • perfect opening, closing & folding 360o of the notebook, on any page, even after long use and hundreds of repetitions
  • Unique notebooks, addressed to all genders & ages.

Notebooks for every day and every use.