“Note taking is an integral part of our daily life. The Loginotes line covers this particular need in the most elegant and effective way. Today, Loginotes introduce Loginotes Penbook, an original and handy notebook that includes a pen, which constitutes a special option for the office, the meetings, but also, the company gifts of your business. Loginotes Penbook combines the quality design and manufacturing with the style and usability of a notebook, that you can carry everywhere you go, without having to always ask for a pen.

The adaptability of its design transforms Loginotes Penbook into a dynamic tool of original corporate promotion, since its front cover and interior (notepad) can be designed in accordance with your business’s profile and adapted to each company’s preferences. The notebook pages can be removed, since the paper used is perforated, while the pen holder is specially designed to hold that particular pen. Penbook, also, includes a rubber band, that allows its front cover to remain securely closed and hold steady any documents it may contain. Loginotes Penbook can be used as: a calendar, a brochure for the presentation of products & services, an events’ calendar, a business notepad etc.

Loginotes Penbook is a flexible product, which aspires to have a different function for every user, adjusting to his/her needs, reminding us that a piece of paper and a pen is never out of fashion, as long as we find resourceful and innovative ways to combine them together.

Technical characteristics and adaptation capacities of the Loginotes Penbook

Superfine Cover 400gr, laminated and with the capacity for:
  • Embossed paper

  • Hot-gold stamping

  • spot UV

  • cutting

  • silk screen printing

  • personalized (owner’s name)

Penbook can also act as a holder for:
  • CD - DVD

  • USB stick

  • brochure